Monday, May 11, 2009

Does adding kitty litter to your flower beds to retain moisture and not harm the plants?

none clumping and unscented of course.

Does adding kitty litter to your flower beds to retain moisture and not harm the plants?
I think Vermiculite is very similar to cat litter in that it does the retaining of moisture and is sometimes neutral and I would not hesitate to use it as an alternative to vermiculite. However I think it may be denser and hold far more water and maybe dry out quicker given the chance.

Whereas Perlite lightens the soil and stops plants getting bogged down with too much moisture.
Reply:litter from carnivorous animals is not recommended for plants' health and yours too. The best moisture retainer is humus ie compost and straw mulch
Reply:Kitty litter won't do anything to improve your soil. If you are wanting to retain moisture, add peat moss.
Reply:I have very sandy alkaline soil and use Hartz pH5 litter (it's been fired) as a soil additive. I wont even say if I own a cat and get into that carnivore poo deal. RScott
Reply:I'm trying to ammend CLAY soil and you're adding clay to yours????..... to retain moisture, use compost... lots of it.... put those beads in potted plants if you like... but kitty litter that's non-clumping won't help your soil.... it will become part of the soil as clay but be non-nutritious......unlike compost!...

note.. peat moss only holds water when it's wet.. if it dries out, you'll have the debil's own time getting it wet again!!!... if you have drought, DON"T......
Reply:i know this sounds crazy, but add used coffee grounds.

go to your local coffee hot spots and ask them for there used grounds, they will look at you like your nuts, but it does WONDERS on plants and even your yard. Maintain this 2 times a month, all summer long. You'll see.

just spread coffee grounds around plants base, on top, by the stems. about 1-1 and a half inches thick. and let i decompose.
Reply:i don't know about that but Perlite mixed in the soil will. mulch on top

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